Organizational Tips to Prepare for the 2021 School Year

The start of school is upon us and, while temperatures may still make you feel like soaking up the salty ocean air, autumn and the holidays are not far away. To help your family get back on track for the last third of the year, here are easy ways to get your life in your Capitol City Home organized.

In Your Home

Home might be where the heart is, but it’s also where the messes happen. From the main living spaces all the way down to the garage, your house might be in desperate need of some tidying up after a summer full of activities.

The Closets

Whether it’s your closet, your partner’s closet, the kids' closets or a nook for the pets, there are tons of easy hacks you can utilize to help eliminate early morning “Where are my shoes?” conversations.

  1. Utilize clear shelf dividers in closets where you stack folded clothes next to one another.
  2. Designate certain parts of shared closets to each member of the family with hanging name tags.
  3. Using a shoe rack and label maker, have each person in the household pick their 5 most worn shoes and give them a specific home on the rack.

The end of summer is also a great time to go through every closet and get rid of unworn clothes, pack away seasonal clothing in under-bed containers or vacuum bags, and take note of what is needed for the upcoming months.

The Garage

From pool floaties to lawn games, the garage is often the most forgotten part of the home when it comes to organization. Make the most of the warmer months and take the time to spruce it up.

  1. Mount a pegboard or similar wall organizational system to help keep everything off the ground. This will not only clear space for another car to fit but can be extremely helpful with safety of smaller children.
  2. The ceiling of a garage is a fantastic, but often ignored, area for organization. Install shelves to store larger items or boxes that contain items you only use a few times each year (e.g., holiday decor, etc.).
  3. For bikes, skateboards, and other rides, mount vertical hanging rods on a wall to help open up valuable floor space.

The Kitchen

If you’ve been on the go all summer, your kitchen might be looking a little sparse. Take advantage of this time to get it organized exactly as you’ve always wanted.

  1. Get drawer organizers for more than just your silverware. Keep everything from your “junk drawer” to your measuring spoons neat and tidy.
  2. Stack even more in your cabinets by adding cabinet shelves to help maximize space.
  3. Place a small dry erase board in the pantry and on the fridge so you can easily record when something is in need of restocking.

For Yourself

Summer can be active and overwhelming...especially when you have children. Take this time to get refocused on your goals and expectations for the next few months.

  1. Make a vision board or checklist to help keep yourself inspired and accountable.
  2. Reflect on the past few months and take note of what you really enjoyed a lot and what were not your favorite activities. These will be great to review before you start planning next summer’s calendar.
  3. If you don’t already journal, document as much of the summer as possible. Pictures can’t capture conversations — these are memories you and your family will not want to forget!

For Your Kids

If you’re a parent, you know that the start of the school year can be extremely hectic, and it seems like it comes out of nowhere. These tips should help.

  1. Dedicate a part of the house to schoolwork and school-related items. It’s all too easy to lose papers, leave uneaten food in bags, or have a dog get ahold of a backpack. Hanging file organizers are a great way to keep important documents exactly where you want them.
  2. If you have a mudroom, make sure each child has an assigned cubby or area for their things. Use name tags or colors to differentiate. This can also be done in a garage to help eliminate any chance of dirty sports gear, shoes, or trash making their way into your home.
  3. Now is a great time to go through toys to figure out what you can get rid of to help reduce clutter. As Marie Kondo would suggest, thank each item for the joy it brought your family and then toss it or donate it to bring happiness to someone else.

Organizational Resources

  1. Organize 365
  2. Time to Organize
  3. Organizing Junkie
  4. Unclutter
  5. The Organized Home

Organizing your home may seem like a daunting task but by dividing to-dos and committing to doing one each day, you and your family will quickly see the benefits.

Be sure to follow Capitol City Homes on Instagram and tag us in all of your organizational improvements! Imagine Life Inside your organized Capital City Home!

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