5 Decorating and Design Trends You Can Implement in 2021

A few months into the new year, some good North Carolina weather, and all of a sudden your house is starting to look like it needs a “little something.” Or maybe you’re designing your dream home with Capitol City Homes and making lists of new furniture and decorations to buy but want some guidance on how to “bring it all together.” No matter what your scenario may be, these five decorating and design trends are not only easy-to-implement, but they can help completely transform a space.

Utilize 2021 Pantone Colors

Since 2000, Pantone — a company specializing in color palettes and color matching — has announced their annual ‘Color of the Year’ which often correlates with current events and happenings in the world. This year, they went plural, announcing two colors of the year — ‘Illuminating’ (a bright yellow) and ‘Ultimate Gray.’

The Color of the Year has now become an influence for many industries, including fashion and interior design. Working these colors into your home will ensure your palette is extremely on-trend.

Here are a few of our favorite ways you can incorporate these two shades into your home:

  • Add pops of yellow throughout your main living areas with easy substitutions, such as accent pillows or throws
  • Use Ultimate Gray as a base for wall color, couch fabric, rugs, etc.
  • Find art pieces that tie in one or both of the colors
  • Update a smaller room, such as a first-floor powder room, with wallpaper featuring these fun and uplifting hues

Focus on Dual-Purpose

With such a large part of the population working from home due to the pandemic, 2021 will be all about making your space work for you, not the other way around.

Depending on your family dynamic and floor plan, these small adjustments could make a big impact:

  • Invest in durable, washable fabric on couches, bar stools, etc. – and not just for the kids! Working from home means drinking and eating from home as well — better to be safe than sorry no matter which family member is usually the culprit.
  • Make rooms multi-purpose. Have a family room or guest bedroom you rarely use? Convert it into something you will! Whether it’s a second home office, gym, or meditation room, there’s no use in letting it take up space that you aren’t utilizing.
  • Personalize your outdoor areas. It’s easy to forget about your front porch rocking chairs or patio furniture when life gets really busy (especially on weeknights). But by adding a few personal touches to those areas, you’ll be more drawn to go outside, get some fresh air, and enjoy them. Add a small bookshelf to your front porch for evening reading or a wine rack to your patio for a night cap. Bringing activities you usually do inside to the outdoors will make you appreciate those parts of your home so much more.

Add a (Dark) Pop

Unfortunately, accent walls are out. However, adding rich, dark colors throughout your home is in! Instead of painting a singular wall in a fun hue, designers are adding deep color, like emerald or ruby, to entire rooms.

Now, we know painting a complete room in a dark mauve might not be your first pick for a home style improvement, so here are a few other ways you can incorporate dark colors around the house.

  • Paint your ceiling. Adding color to your ceiling can help to make a room feel larger with minimal change.
  • Make a large furniture swap. If you’ve been thinking about buying a new couch or bed frame, this is your sign to do so. Switch up the look of a room completely by replacing a light or neutral-colored piece of furniture with something rich in color.
  • Replace your kitchen hardware. It’s fascinating how much your cabinet handles can add to the look of your kitchen. Get creative and buy geometric shaped pulls and knobs with a dark colored finish.

Incorporate Diamond Patterned Tile

Diamond-shaped tile is back and interior designers are loving it for more than just the kitchen. Go with the classic alternating white and black tiles in the master bath or add a colored variation as a backsplash. This simple but eye-catching design is a fan favorite and continues to recycle in trends for a reason.

Don’t want to re-tile? Go faux with diamond patterned wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular and a great option if you think this trend might only stick (no pun intended) around for a few years.

Get Vintage

Industries across the board are bringing back styles and designs from eras past. However, the key is not to go full on heirloom throughout your home. Instead, designers and decorators alike are recommending a blend of new and old world. Add a period piece to your living room along with your more modern furniture. Pull out your antique family portraits but replace their frame with something on-trend today. The mix and match of the past and present will blend together to create a timeless feel in any room.

Making a change within your home doesn’t mean you need to hire an interior designer. Look for small areas where you can leave a lasting impression with minimal effort.

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