10 Unique Gifts to Give for the Holidays This Year

With the holidays looking a bit different this year, many families are searching for new and creative ways to celebrate with the ones they love most. And with a year as hectic as 2020, individuals are searching for more than just the standard holiday gifts.  So if you’re on the hunt for a last-minute gift that will really ‘wow’ the recipient, check out our 10 unique ideas below!

  1. Nest Hub Max

Staying connected has never been easier with Google’s Nest Hub Max. This tablet-like device brings all of your favorite screen-time activities to one central area of your home. From group video calls to YouTube and Netflix, these stereo speakers sit as the hub’s base and make for perfect sound no matter its use. Not to mention, a built-in nest camera allows you to monitor your home when you’re away. The part we love most? A ‘live album’ capability that allows family and friends to upload photos directly to your Next Hub Max for a constantly updating living photo frame. At $229, this gift would make the perfect addition to any Capitol City Homes kitchen or living room — a true gift for the whole family!

  1. Causebox Subscription

Wish you could combine a fabulous gift retailed at $250 with a gift that also gives back? Causebox was created to do just that! Using a subscription service similar to FabFitFun, Causebox sends you at least 6 items each month made by socially conscious brands, such as Sanctuary Project — a non-profit that aims to help women who have survived violence, addiction, and trafficking. Starting at $49.95/box for an annual membership, this gift gives so much more than its internal contents. The greatest part is that it’s easy to sign up (no in-store shopping) and you can easily send it to anyone you hold dear! Whether you’re in a Raleigh new home or a Rolesville Capitol City Homes community, this gift would be simple and fabulous to give or receive!

  1. Smartphone UV Sanitizer

Has there ever been a time when you’ve thought about germs more than you have this year?! It really gets you thinking about how much dirt is on the surfaces we touch so frequently! A prime example? Our cellphones. In fact, according to a Time Magazine article, our cellphones are 10x dirtier than our toilet seats! Yuck! So why not go with the times (no pun intended) and gift (or ask for) something to help clean up your phone? The Smartphone UV Sanitizer by PhoneSoap not only cleans your phone but charges it too! Simply leave your device in the mechanism when you normally charge it and boom! Not only is it powered up, but it’s completely sanitary. With over 2,000 reviews, the Smartphone UV Sanitizer boasts an impressive 4.8 stars. If you’ve recently designed a new home, you can understand how tempting it is to keep everything pristine. Why not do the same with something you use all day everyday?

  1. Disney+ Subscription

Ok, we know what you’re thinking...why would we ever suggest giving children full access to play Frozen and sing ‘Let It Go’ for hours on end every day? But a Disney+ subscription truly is a gift that is surprisingly just as much for parents as it is kids! From Hamilton to Star Wars, Hidden Figures to Black Panther, this subscription gives you an entire collection of movies for audiences of all ages! Plus, at just $6.99/month, it breaks up a large gift payment over time. Make the most of your beautiful Capitol City Homes living room and easily add this gift to your TV today!

  1. Rechargeable Lighter

This one may be more of a stocking stuffer, but it’s a gift that definitely keeps on giving. You know when you’ve been burning a delicious candle in your new kitchen and it burns down just enough to where a match or normal lighter just doesn’t do the trick? A rechargeable lighter, like this one from Amazon, makes it easy to light those hard to reach wicks. Plus, it never runs out of lighter fluid as it runs on electricity! Leave your new Capitol City Home smelling delicious for holiday get togethers, family dinners, or movies with your significant other without having to worry about burning yourself relighting your candles.

  1. Jeopardy Trivia Book

This year, we lost one of the most beloved hosts of all time — Alex Trebek from Jeopardy. What better way to keep this family tradition going than to challenge yourself to a competitive round of trivia with this Jeopardy book of puzzles and games from Brain Games? Gather in your Capitol City Homes’ living room or study and answer the Jeopardy-style questions before using your answers for a crossword or word search puzzle. Perfect to help keep the family on their feet over the holidays or as a nice distraction during a long road trip! At just $7.99, this gift is a no-brainer and a great throwback to decades of entertainment.

  1. Masterclass Membership

Need a super last-minute gift that doesn’t need to ship? Give the gift of education with a year-long subscription to Masterclass. Bringing viewers educational courses from the “world’s greatest,” this gift gives access to a library of over 90 classes! From cooking with Gordon Ramsay to acting with Natalie Portman, Masterclass is the course catalog we wish we had in school! At $15/month, this is such a unique gift for the curious learner in the family.

  1. A Gift That Keeps Giving

Sometimes a gift that helps someone else is more of a gift than you could ever wrap. Heifer International is on a mission to help give everyone access to a life free from hunger and poverty. Explore their gift catalog where you can purchase animals or necessities that will assist families and communities in more ways than one. For example, a sheep will help keep food on the table and warmth when it’s cold. Share the purchase with others or buy it in full — either can be done in someone else's name resulting in the quintessential gift for your favorite humanitarian.

  1. A Local Restaurant Gift Card

Now more than ever, local restaurants in our communities need our help. Whether it’s a mom and pop bakery in Youngsville, NC, or a beloved pizzeria in Wendell, you can show your support with a gift card purchase which of course makes a fun stocking stuffer!  Even if your favorite eatery is not doing dine in, you can bring your meal back to your Capitol City Home for dinner around your dining room table or kitchen island!

  1. JackBox Games

If you’re spending more time inside with the whole family, make the most of it!  With The Jackbox Party Pack 7, you’ll have access to hours of hilarious games where no controllers are needed! Simply pull up Jackbox on your SmartTV and use your smartphone or tablet to participate. From Quiplash to Talking Points this purchase will have the entire family engaged! Get it on sale today for just $29.99!

This year may feel off compared to other holiday seasons, but it’s easy to make the most of it with any of the above unique gifts. Wishing you the happiest of holidays from our Capitol City Homes family to yours.

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