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Avoiding clutter in your new Capitol City Home

Published by Capitol City Homes

Whether you’re looking to declutter your existing home to sell or want to keep clutter under control in your Capitol City Homes new home, think like Marie Kondo. She tells us to tidy by category (think clothes, books, etc.) and asks us what items ‘spark joy’ (hint: keep those!).  

Clutter is a problem. A Google search of the word clutter shows over 97 million results, you read that right—97 million results! Your home is a breeding ground for clutter and disorganization so let’s dig in to find out what to do about controlling it. It comes down to a couple simple steps.

First, stop the inflow of stuff. Pay attention to the stuff coming into your Raleigh new home—Amazon and online personal clothing sites make it really easy to buy things. Assess what you already have—does it spark joy? Are you hanging onto your jeans you had since high school that don’t fit and never will again? The spark isn’t there, is it?

Second, create a system to get rid of clutter. Is your closet jammed packed with all four seasons of clothes?  What about your garage? It becomes a storage hot spot for holiday decorations, unused children’s toys, sports equipment—wait, where’s the car? Once you sort and donate or sell your clutter, keep the items that give you the most joy. Put every item in a place where it’s visible and easy to grab and put back. 

You know what’s going to keep you from taking serious control? Decision fatigue. What do I keep, what do I toss? So, where do you start? Tackling decisions room-by-room is a big mistake. Think by category, this will help you deal with items one-by-one. Clothes are considered the least emotionally charged, where books, letters or photographs bring out nostalgia and all of a sudden you’re down memory lane and the day has escaped you.

Once you find that perfect Wake Forest community that checks off all the boxes or the townhome for sale in Wake Forest, NC with that much needed garage, you’ll be ready.

It takes a little bit of time and some soul searching to get things rolling, so put on some good music and make a day of it! You’ll feel stress-free and your Triangle new home will thank you.

How are you going to declutter your home and keep items that spark joy?

Keep these tips in mind as you settle into your new home. Check out our incredible variety of new home opportunities all over the Triangle area and come by for a visit. Or contact us today to learn more about all of our homes throughout Raleigh, Wake Forest, Louisburg, Clayton, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Youngsville, Angier, Rolesville, and Pittsboro—all located in North Carolina.