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Organizing Your New Kitchen

Published by Capitol City Homes

There’s no doubt that your kitchen is already the heart of your new Capitol City Home —the gathering place where you likely spend the most time with your family and friends. In other words, it’s a high-traffic zone and organization is essential to its functionality. Here are some simple and clever ways to help your dream kitchen live up to its potential!

In terms of your pantry and food cabinets, it’s all about keeping order with smart stocking strategies. The overall goal is to be able to easily see everything when you open the door. Try a bottom-up approach. Start by placing cans in rows on the lowest shelf. On the eye-level shelves, cluster similar items together—the pasta and sauces, your favorite cereals and oatmeal, healthy kid snacks and all your baking supplies. The top shelf can be the go-to spot for the items you’re not grabbing all the time like napkins, paper goods, cookies and chip bags. See-through canisters are an easy way to tidy the overall look of your pantry and they are also great for containing items that may spill once opened.

Take some time to weed through your spices. Toss what you don’t use and replace anything beyond two to three years old. Try storing your spices in a drawer rather than in a cabinet where they can be hard to see. In-drawer spice racks provide a simple solution for easy access to your most-used spices and seasonings. For more ideas, check out this clever gallery of DIY and upcycled storage creations!

Mismatched dishware is the demise of any cabinet. Go ahead and donate the random mugs and ditch the chipped serving platter so that you can enjoy the look of neatly stacked plates, bowls and mugs. Metal risers can maximize the storage space on any given shelf. Remember to store serving dishes and pitchers on a top shelf, leaving the lower, easy-to-reach shelves for everyday items.

Clear off the counter clutter. Besides the very essential appliances—coffeemaker, toaster and microwave—all other kitchen tools should be stored away. Bread makers and blenders take up valuable space, clutter the overall look of your kitchen and are probably not used very often. Ultimately, you want the space to feel natural in your new home, so play around with the placement of things until it feels right.

In almost every kitchen, you’ll find an unruly pile of pots. Most home cooks don’t need an entire set of pots and pans—a frying pan, saucepan, sauté pan, skillet and stockpot will most likely cover all your cooking needs. If you’re tight on cabinet space, use a wall rack or hanging pot holder.

Keep these tips in mind as you settle into your new home. If you’re still in the process of looking for your dream home, check out our incredible variety of new home opportunities all over the Triangle area. Contact us today!