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Avoiding Common Decorating Mistakes

Published by Capitol City Homes

Are you decorating a new home and want to ensure it is organized and up on the latest trends? Here are some tips for avoiding common decorating mistakes.


Many homeowners struggle with a proper way to display all of the family photos they love. When there are too many photos in one area, it can look too busy and more like clutter than family memories. Consider using your favorite photos to make a gallery wall instead of placing them on tables. This will display your pictures in a tasteful way that will keep your home looking clean and organized.

The Foyer

Many times, homeowners completely ignore the foyers in their home, using them only to store shoes and coats. Instead of doing this, consider using your foyer to make a statement about your home. After all, this is the first impression guests receive when they enter the house! A small table for keys and a mirror or art above is a great option.

Cables and Cords

Tangled cords and wires are both tacky and dangerous. Whether it’s TV cords in the living room causing a mess or computer cords in the office, there are ways to organize them to keep the hazard and mess to a minimum. First, find a cord cover that matches your wall color and décor. Next, drill a hole in the back of the TV stand or desk for the cords to go through. Finally, keep the unused wires in a labeled storage container in an easily accessible area to avoid unnecessary clutter. Find more DIY storage options for cords on Pinterest.

Toilet Rugs

Many homeowners use toilet rugs in their bathroom for the convenient shape and fit. However, many interior designers are calling for the end of toilet rugs altogether. In order to keep your bathroom looking modern and fresh, use rectangular bath rugs that match the décor instead of fitted ones.

Over Decorating

Using too much of the same print or theme in one room can be a decorating distraction. To avoid letting your rooms look tacky, use colors and prints as a statement or accent in the room. Keeping it simple is always best!


Let’s face it, we all have clutter. Clutter is disorganized and can make a home as a whole look dirty. There are several solutions to reducing clutter, such as adding hidden storage. Whether it’s underneath the stairs, sinks, or even furniture, finding a place to put your clutter will help your home look and feel cleaner.

We at Capitol City Homes hope that these few tips will keep your new home looking fabulous. Contact us to find your perfect home today!